You may not remember, but we are actually living in the middle of a home renovation. 

I will categorize it as one of those “it-seemed-like-a-good-idea-at-the-time” ideas.

It all started with a plan to swap the dining room and kitchen and make the new kitchen larger and open to the rest of the house.

First step was to take out this wall  with the wide opening and move it back several feet.  We’d build a new wall with a smaller opening and cover it with barn doors. 

So we had a demolition party and took down the drywall on this wall and the wall between the existing dining room and the existing kitchen. 

We hired a plumber to install the new pipes for the kitchen sink and dishwasher as well as some other plumbing that faces the “new dining room” for down-the-road plans. 

Then we brought over some guys who knew more about this construction business than we did and they removed the walls and built new ones.

And this is where we have been hanging out ever since.

Who am I kidding?

It has been an agonizing  2  3 nearly 4 months…  We have been tripping over old carpeting and looking at exposed 2x4s since April. 

So, where are we now?

Well, first there was this unexpected stage. 

When we started peeling back the old paper on the other walls, we discovered some of 1976’s finest patterned wallpaper.

I actually thought about keeping it.  I really liked it.

 HH said no.

But, look carefully.

Can you see the new drywall on the left side of the photo?  It already looked better at that point, but nothing compared to now.



wait for it…


Oh, look at it from this angle…

Isn’t it pretty?

No not pretty as in, “Wow that looks wonderful”, but pretty as in “they don’t look like they are living in the middle of a condemned building anymore kind of way, right?!”

No ugly carpet, no ugly exposed frames, no ugly wall paper!

Just plain, smooth, white walls!

Isn’t it divine!! 

We have made the “new” kitchen larger by 4 ft and it now opens up directly to the old kitchen. 

The old kitchen, which you can see in the photo above, will be our new dining room at some point down the road.  The sink and dishwasher will be on this half wall and look out into the dining room and beyond.

See some of the new cabinets, patiently waiting for us to install them? 

I am sooooooo excited! 

HH and I are so fired up that we are planning to paint those new walls tonight!

Wall-lelujah! Hallelujah!



  1. What a detailed post! I love it. Let’s not keep up with each other only by blogs, though. 🙂 Would love to have family dinner this summer!

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