My new favorite kitchen

This is my new favorite kitchen.  I think it was in a recent edition of Southern Living or Better Homes and Gardens – anyone know?

It is a departure from the black and white kitchen I have been coveting for the first half of 2011. 

I still love this one and I want to incorporate ideas from it into the new kitchen at our house, but I cannot get around the white counters – which will be ruined at Chez Boss Lady  – and white marble backsplash – which is going to be WAY expensive.

So back to my new favorite:

The warm wood tone on the floor is gorgeous.  Unlike the basket weave tile in the black and white kitchen, I think I can use a wood laminate or score the real thing at a discount in this color on Craigslist.  That black tile would have been hard to find.

I also like the cabinets even though they are white.  I liked the black lower cabinets in the other kitchen because we’d be able to “hide” residue from dirty hands and unplanned art that find their way into the kitchen.  Even though the white cabinets are tougher to clean, in this kitchen, they use an antique white that will hide things better than my artic white cabinets now. 

I also love the fabric and the color that it brings into the kitchen.  I could easily see using a tile back splash in that glassy green.  The tricky part will be the counter tops.  How can I find that earthy brown granite color on the cheap?  Think, think, think.

The last part is the lighting.  While I really liked that industrial outdoor light in the black and white kitchen, I was picturing the boys swinging off it.  Plus, I am not a big fan of exposed light bulbs behind glass.  You can see every bid of dust, every beginning of a cobweb, every fingerprint.

The fabric drum one in the new kitchen is also cool, but we are likely to get it dirty with the occasional bit of flying food.  Even without airborne food, it will never be cleaned.  I am playing around with a more rustic fixture, like one from this company below.  I actually really like the red one in the top left corner.  Perhaps I can buy it in black and or cream to match the cabinets or the hardware?

 Ah, more kitchen daydreams.  These days, kitchen planning is a fair distraction from the overwhelming stressors in my life: increased job duties, health issues for my father-in-law, big questions about Vader’s schooling and so on.  A little daydreaming is in order.


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