Breakers times two

As I mentioned last week, I attended an association annual meeting at The Breakers from Wednesday to Friday.  It was lovely.  I was even able to sit by the ocean for a spell and read a book.

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The other “breaker” was Vader.  On Sunday, we decided to pull up the large, formerly white-ish tile in the kitchen.  (When HH pulled up three tiles last year to install the wood floors in the living room, it took him three hours – one per tile.)

As it turns out (and much to our delight,) Vader is quite adept at tile demolition and because the rest of the tile in the kitchen was floated over the slab, it was easier than the tiles HH did last year.  Vader was eager to do ALL of the work – in fact, he insisted that no one help him.  And who am I to argue with that?  After he took out 30 or so tiles, we stopped the destruction and at least kept the tiles in the hallway and under the kitchen table.  Vader made sure that we both knew he was ready to go whenever we were ready to take on the rest.  It is a beautiful thing to see one of your own children find an enjoyable hobby.  🙂  Perhaps we can teach him plumbing next?


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