Mommy’s (chocolate) rewards

I rarely bake because my kitchen is so depressing, dirty, ugly  there is never any time…  Oh, and I am not that good of a baker.  (It sounds nicer to blame it on my kitchen.)   But when I was faced with three days home with a sick Turtle, and after reorganizing the book shelves and reading a new book, I decided to get out the ol’ recipe binder and give a batch of cookies a go.  At least my reward would be cookies, right?  (Actually I am usually rewarded with some inedible thing that was meant to be a cookie…but at least in the short-term, I would not be bored and I was really excited about spoonfuls of cookie dough.  🙂 )

These double chocolatey delights were the Cookie of the Month in Marth Stewart Living a very long time ago (November 2005 maybe…Geez, do I throw anything way?)

Martha Stewart recently refeatured them on her website

This recipe is probably more suitable for a holiday cookie, or at least for a season when it is not 100 degrees or better outside.  I was really excited about a lemon bar or key lime sugar cookie.  However, Turtle wanted to have a chocolate cookie and this was the only receipe where I had all of the ingredients in the house. 

Oh well, maybe my cookie reward would have to wait.

They were not hard to make.  I used my double-boiler for the 2nd time ever to melt the chocolate chips – and was sure to tell HH that it got used, else it go the way of the fondue pot…to Goodwill.  I thought the whole process would be a little more challenging, but the ingredient list is short and there was little opportunity to mess up. 

I used a handmixer, not my big Kitchen Aid table top one (and HH knows that the infrequent use of the Kitchen Aid is not up for discussion.  I love that thing, but have only used it 3 or 4 times.)

The dough came together nicely.  It was fairly easy to manipulate without the ice cream scooper.  (The recipe recommends you use one to form the cookies for baking.) The only thing I would have done differently is flatten the balls of dough a bit before baking and add some chips/chunks to the tops.  (My cookies looked a little fluffier than the ones in the photo.)   It did not matter though.  All of the boys, sick or healthy, thought these were awesome. 

Turtle was content, and despite the heat, the cookie did not stick around in his little fevered hand long enough to melt.  As for other two kids and the rest of the cookies, now we have about two dozen double-chocolately incentives to get them to do what we want for the week.  Mommy got her reward after all…


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