What is missing from this photo?

What is missing from this photo?  Anything (besides a clean surface, you say?)
Could it be?
Yes it could!
Our old range is gone.  This “machine” (I would not dare say it was an appliance – that gave it too much credit) was one of the biggest reasons I hated the existing kitchen.
It is not hard to see why…
As you can tell from the photo below, it is U. G. L. Y.
And because we were on a roll, I had HH cut the peninsula cabinet out too.  Yay!

And sooooo…  You may wonder, where’d it go?

It will live here for a few days, until some other lucky soul gets to take it home and love it better than I ever did.
What will we cook on now?
Well, if you look very carefully, you can see a wonderful, glorious, shiny and new gift from the heavens in the background…
And no, I am not talking about HH, although one could certainly say that he is a gift from the heavens.
Do you see it?


Nuff said…

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