Maps, spinach and tiramasu

What do these three things have in common?

They are the most popular, randomly searched keywords that brought people to this blog.

You might be saying to yourself, “Why do I care?”  Or “Has she lost her mind? Who gives a hoot about keywords!” 

That is what I was initially thinking when I read the title of this post from His and Hers Blog.

But, they made keywords very funny and got my curiosity up about how people found me.

As you already know, every time someone searches in Google, Bing, Dog Pile, or another search engine, the little “searcher bees” scan the web for things that might fit.  And there is much debate about who does it best.  (There is this rather annoying campaign out there right now touting that Bing is the best.)

I do not know if that is true.

I do not care.

But, when you write a blog, the host site (in my case, can track the keywords that are used to successfully find your blog!  (This is different from tags – those are more like self-selected topics that you associate with your post.)

In my case, in my nearly 5,000 views, three searches have landed people here more than any others.

  1. Decorating with maps (here and also here)
  2. Spinach (also talked about here and here and here)
  3. Tiramasu

These are not my favorite posts, nor are they the ones with the highest ratings or readership, but it is kinda neat to see what things people are curious about and willing to go out in the world-wide web to learn something new about.

I have also had some weird ones.

Two people have found this post through a search for “Doodle Yum”.  What is Doodle yum and why would you search for it?  I get Yankee Doodle Yum, because Yankee Doodle is a commonly used name and Yum is an alliteration of Yankee, but without the “Yankee”, what do you have? (Southern friends, do not answer that…)

I have also been found here by a person searching for “candy coming out.”  I am all for candy and coming out, but the two together makes no sense whatsoever!

Last, is the person who was searching for “Eat my nephew?”  and found me here .   WTF?

The post on His and Hers is much better than mine.  Their blog has a larger following of readers and that makes for a better post.  Still, this was a mildly entertaining distraction and fun for me to write.  Love to know what my blogging friends have in their search word stats.



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