Funny…because it’s true.

I am still trying to get out from under the pile of e-mails and work that accumulated over the 8 days I was out of the office in the last two weeks, so this little funny video clip of my a child will have to suffice for today.   

Even with this kind of behavior, I would not trade my three guys for anything in the world.  (In their defense, they have not exhibited this kind of behavior in a long, long, long time.  I wish I would say this kind of thing has never happened, but I’d be lying.) 

Just to prove how much I love them, I am braving the great outdoors with HH this weekend to take them all on our first family camping trip.  Tent camping.  Rustic. In Florida.  That is LOVE.   Should be worth a blog post or two next week, doncha ya think?! 

In any event, hope you got a chuckle out of the clip…and have a great weekend!


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