Family fun at Chez Boss Lady

It was a good weekend. 

It started with a trip to the pumpkin patch which then turned into an impromptu craft project…  (We needed house numbers…see below.)

Trunk or treat.

Mailbox demolition.  (Remodeling photos later.)

And bowling. 

It was the one time all day they were cooperating with each other.  Each would grab a ball and lug it to the lane.

Then, BAM!  They’d drop it and see what happened.  At least half the time, the other one would scoot it forward with his foot and then they’d watch it roll S L O W L Y to the end of the lane. 

If it took too long, they’d just get another ball.  (See two balls in the photo above?) I am learning to embrace team efforts in all forms…even bowling.

I got lots of good pics from the day.

And when it was all said and done, we were all wore out.

Even Motor.

 It was a good weekend. 



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