The Professionals say, “Out and down.”

I have been advising friends, colleagues and anyone who is within a 3 mile radius about “out and down” for years.  And now, I have been validated!

My 3 Boybarians writes about “out and down” in this post about taking great photos.  Out and down is just as it sounds…chin out and then down.  Chin out…a little.  Then down…a little.  This is not supposed to make you look like a stressed out giraffe.  You should not see veins in your throat.  You should not be prevented from speaking because you have extended so far that your airway is constricted.  Just a little out and a little down.

This is an example of in and up.  Not good. 

(Well, maybe a little good, but a chubby baby picture is different than a “chubby” grown up one.)

In the same post, she has two other tips for taking great pics.  The first thing is to avoid taking photos from below eye level The angle lets the photographer shoot the under-side of your nose, or worse, up your nose.  Also, the closer something is to the camera, the larger it appears.  In other words, your head, which is the farthest away from the camera if the photographer is below you, is going to look smaller than say, your tummy…or worse.

Last, she also has way to lean based on gender.  May have to study this one.  I am not sure I get it…  Well, two outta three is  not too bad!

Happy picture-taking this weekend, ghosts and goblins!


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