Too young to mow the lawn…

BUT, not too young to be put to work!

Yes, I did.  I made my children work a little this weekend.  It felt good.

I made Turtle vacuum up the crumbs, Cheerios and Goldfish from my car…

I made Vader remove the Spanish moss weighing down the branches of the crepe myrtle…

We also made and hung pine cone bird feeders…

And for Splash, well…it had to involve water, of course.   Armed with a spray bottle, he squirted and wiped down the lower third of the outside of the windows, the wheels on my car and the cat.  All got wet, but I am not sure that they are any cleaner than they were beforehand.

And I cannot post any photos of the aforementioned work because, in true Splash form, he was naked.

I am not complaining though.  I will take a little help any way I can get it!


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