Potty talk

We talk about the potty often at Chez Boss Lady. 

We talk about how to use the potty. 

We talk about where to use the potty.  

We talk about not using potty talk. 

There was the awkward discussion of Owen’s first…and second…fish, Nemo and where he they went after he they died.

And recently, we have been talking about what not to flush down the potty.


Banana peels…bad.

A little TP…OK.

A lot of TP…bad.

A whole roll of TP…

You get the picture.

Or do you? 

This  is a photo of our septic tank… in the yard…with a giant hole in the top.

It is not supposed to be open like that, but you probably guessed that already.

I am over potty talk.



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