A little Christmas surprise

Two weekends ago, we took the boys to the Magic Kingdom for the day.  It was one of those work-trips turned family get away and the boys were jazzed about seeing Mickey Mouse.

When we arrived at the park at 8:15, it appeared that they were setting up a parade and there were tons of people sitting on the curb waiting.

I asked a nice Disney person what time the parade was going to be held.


That’s weird.  I asked him why would they be setting it up so early? He did not know.  (Leave it to me to ask the one person at Disney who did not know about the day’s events…)

We walked up Main Street and that is when I heard what sounded like a familiar voice.

And it was.

Justin Gets Goofy photo | Justin Bieber

We listen to Justin Bieber a lot at Chez Boss Lady – probably more than I should admit.  I am 37 years old and I *heart* his little YouTube success story and miss his trademark hair-do.

When I heard him singing, I look up ahead.  The singing was coming from in front of Cinderella’s castle and there were about 500 people crowded around a large holiday display.

That’s when the fireworks start to go off.

At 8:30 in the morning.

It was a little disorienting, so the photos are not great.

Apparently, the fireworks and concert were part of the all day filming of the ABC Family Christmas Day Parade which was being filmed at the park over two days.

Later that day, other stars and emcee Mario Lopez would welcome Santa Claus and a host of balloons and floats.

But I did not care about that…

Justin Bieber was somewhere under that pyrotechnic show and we were going to be 100 yards or so from him.  I was giggling like a school girl and practically running to the castle!

And what to my wondering eyes should appear?

Can you see him?

My enjoyment of the concert was tempered by the three impatient kids who could not see and wanted to leave.

Still…I got to see Justin in concert for a little while. 🙂  It was awesome.

The added bonus to this little surprise was that when my boys tired of the show after about 5 minutes and we left, we headed into a relatively empty theme park for nearly 2 hours of no waiting for any ride!  Everyone was watching Justin.

That meant front row seats for the pirate show with Captain Jack Sparrow…who also was a hotty.

And three times around on the Buzz Lightyear ride with no wait at all.

And later, as we were leaving, a perfectly timed exit along side Jolly St. Nick.

We got to do so much that the kiddos were asleep before we got out of the WDW complex.

And the best part?

I get to relive it all over again when ABC airs the parade on Christmas Day!

Merry Christmas to me and thank you to Justin Bieber!


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