Not carried away by caraway

I rarely throw out a clipping.  When I do, it is because I have committed the recipe/design idea/project to memory or because the idea was a huge fail.

In the case of the noodles with caraway butter, it was the latter that prompted me to toss it.

I made a slow cooker chicken tonight, which freed me up to try a new side dish.  I went through my binders and found this recipe from Martha Stewart Living.

I love caraway seeds.  Bread just tastes better with a few off them on the top, especially bagels.

I made the egg noodles first, putting a healthy portion  to the side before mixing them with the butter, seeds and parsley…because I know that Vader, Turtle and Splash would not eat anything with “grass” on it.

One bite from HH and I knew it was going to be thrown in the trash.  I took my first bite and promptly got the seeds stuck in my teeth.  We took the remaining noodles back to the sink and rinsed them off as best as we could.  Plain egg noodles were far and away better.

Oh well.  I love to try new things.  Now, I have freed up a binder page cover to hold onto another new recipe.  And next time, I will hold on to the caraway seeds for bread.

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