Yummy, dark delights

The title of this post could have gone a lot of ways.  You might even be thinking that I am going to blog about the dark chocolate “crack bark” that I plan to make sometime later this week, but I’m not.   (Though I do plan to make the pretzely, chocolatey, salty, caramelly goodness and it will hopefully stick around long enough for me to take a picture and post it.)

I am referring to the newly hung, lovely dark cherry stained cabinets in my kitchen.

Let’s go back to the beginning.

The farthest right corner of our house used to be in the dining room.  This particular corner was not all that exciting.  You can see on the far right that there was a sliver of a wall.  It divided the then dining room from the living room.

See here. (This is from the corner in the photo above, looking out. Please disregard the text…that is for another post.)

We decided in our infinite wisdom to swap the location of the kitchen and dining room.  My thinking was that I could build a whole new kitchen in the old dining room while still using the old kitchen and then we’d never have to move out during renovation!  Plus, there was room to expand into the existing living room, a room we hardly used.  Brilliant!

So I drew up some plans and then we started demo.  It was a little unnerving surprising how eager Vader was to help.

First we took the divider wall down and ripped the room apart in order to make the new kitchen bigger.

We stripped it of wall paper.  First was the grass paper, which I kinda liked.  Then we found the best of what wall paper in 1976 had to offer.  

We plumbed it. (This is actually the wall opposite the corner in the photos above.)

 We cleaned up the walls. 

And after painting, here is how it sat for the last two months.

But now…




We have cabinets filled with dishes and glasses and bowls!  No longer do I have to go in to the linen closets to get a plate.  No longer do I have to unpack 3 boxes to find all of the parts to an appliance. 

In truth, the kitchen is far from done.  We still have to order two more units: the last of the upper cabinets and the drawer unit for the lower cabinets.  (That is what will go where the cart sits now.)

We want to put a vented microwave over the stove (and free up room on the counters.)

We need floors.

And counters.

And of course, we want to replace the lovely chandelier.

But who cares.  I have cabinets!

In other news, I crafted this weekend! Inspired by my friend, I took on a wreath and I must admit, from afar, it ain’t half bad!

Up close, there are dozens of little hot glue threads all over the thing and a broken ornament or two, but who cares.  I have cabinets!


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