You have to make this…

It is SOOOOOOOO good.

I got the recipe for “crack bark” here.  And she got the recipe here

And just like crack, newbies are instantly and forever addicted. 

Or at least, I think that is like crack.  I am not a crack expert.

But I am now a crack bark expert. 

And addict.

I made it last night.  I sampled it before it cooled and then sampled it as it was cooling.  Then I sampled it from the fridge. 

And then again when I was breaking it into little pieces to be stored.

And then I took a few pieces out of the bins when they would not close right. 

I still wanted more.

I wanted it for breakfast too.

I have never made caramel before and I am suprised by how easy it was. 

What’s even more surprising is that I did not screw it up.

Then I poured the caramel over the pretzels.


Then I added the chocolate chips (half milk chocolate and half dark chocolate) and the sea salt.

And then I cooled it.

There are not any photos of these steps because my fingers were covered in chocolate.

I would have had to stop eating, wash my hands and pick up the camera. 

But who can resist crack…bark. 

Not me, apparently!

Now the only challenge is making sure that these guys do not find the rest of it today.



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