I believe in unicorns

I used to not believe in unicorns.  They are a fanciful creature, perhaps thought up in ancient medieval times to delight the serfs and occupy the minds of children.  In similar fashion, I also do not believe that my three angels would could go to bed on time without a raucous fight.  Or at least I did not believe it until last night.  And now, I believe both.

There was still the customary, “I hate you.”  This time it was from Turtle and directed at HH while I was with Vader in the other room.  Whatever his crime, be it reading 6 books instead of 7, putting the fox sleeping bag on the bed instead of the bear one or perhaps not letting a child taking a running jump into the bath tub, the boys have each been quick to say that he/I/we are awful and they will “hate [insert pronoun] tonight.”   (My favorite is the one where they say, “I hate this day!!”  It just sounds like they should be shaking their little fists at the heavens and a bolt of lightening should come and strike the ground for effect.)

I usually get those verbal outburst at night though.  I think it is because I am the fresh meat that comes home at the end of the work day to delight and more often, disappoint.

But in this case, there was just the one verbal jab and then it was done.  They boys got into bed and snuggled with their 16 stuffed animal friends.  Splash “fixed” my hair – which usually leaves me looking a little like “Cousin It” – and said good night. 

And HH and I left the room.

We were both steeled for the typical “up-and-down-the-stairs-1,000-times” routine.  Each trip involves a few seconds of threats, coercion or pleading for quiet or for one of the kids to get back into bed. 

Last night, as we settled them in, I was even prepared to drag out the Easter Bunny (as one of my friends with twin three year-olds and a 18 month old has already admitted to doing.)

But, in some magical place in the universe where unicorns must live, there was a spirit who took flight and came to Chez Boss Lady.  That spirit rested on the sweet little crowns of my boys and helped them drift off to sleep. 

And perhaps, they dreamt of unicorns.

Because it is only through mystical magic that something like this happen to us.

So I believe.


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