Tip of the week: Stripping a screw

Quite a name for a post from a family friendly blogger, right? It is not what it sounds like, I promise. 

In 2012, I am making good on the desire to be more crafty.  Santa brought me a jig saw and I hope to have some projects in the works soon.  Plus, there are no shortage of projects around Chez Boss Lady.

I came across this little tidbit of “handy-gal” information in the September, 2011 issue of Good Housekeeping.  I thought it was worth sharing, even if you are not handy or never plan to be.  I think every person should know basic tool skills.  Perhaps that sounds a little preachy, but some of the most common household problems are easily remedied with a little know-how.  I know many of us are looking to save a little money and who does not want to be more self-sufficient? And so, periodically I hope to share a tip with you that I have learned by trial and error, in my copious magazine readings or through the wonderous blogging community here in the world wide web.

The problem:  How to unscrew a screw if the top has been stripped of its indentations?

The solution: Take a rubber band and place it between the head of the screw driver and the head of the screw.   The screw driver won’t slip and the rubber band should help you to turn the screw!

Voila!  Look at you, you handy gal!

Good Housekeeping, September 2011

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