More dreamy kitchens

Since December, I have had a kitchen that is functional.  However, many of our design decisions still lie ahead. 




Island or no island?

So I am still clipping and dreaming, dreaming and clipping.

Here are some more of both clips and dreams.

First is a home featured in the July, 2009 issue of Traditional Home magazine.  While I am committed to the cherry colored cabinets I have now and cannot copy the breezy white look of this space, I love the small marble tile backsplash and raised table in front of the sink.  I think those features are options for me us at Chez Boss Lady. 

Also, I love the TV and microwave built-in.  We are not sure yet whether to put our microwave over the stove or on the counter and this is not an option I had thought of yet.  It makes a lot of sense though.  I can still have the hood over the range, and yet I do not have to give up precious counter space for a giant regularly used appliance.

Jerabek House, Traditional Home, July 2009

Finally, I found this lovely kitchen in ad in Home (I think) magazine. Again, I cannot do much in the way of white, but I was intrigued by the use of not just two, but three totally different types of counters in the same space. There is the stainless steel in the back, the marble on the island and the butcher block on the side table. 

What do you think of the look?  Too much?  Chez chic?

Ah, so many ideas and so little money.  😉


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