What’s next? Monkey brains?

Things I do not plan to do in my lifetime.

  • Bungee jump.
  • Learn to square dance.
  • Eat monkey brains.
  • Go dune buggying.

Ooops!  Guess what I did this weekend? 

The whole family got to join in on the fun of one of Vader’s cub scout friend’s birthday parties.  The place is called Baja Buggyz

We got there around noon. 

First, I took Splash and Turtle on a run while HH went out on the course with Vader. 

We asked the man who was helping to load and unload the riders if both Splash and Turtle could sit in one seat while I drove.  That way, no one had to wait by themselves for their turn. 

And he said yes.

Afterward, Turtle was a little reluctant to get out of the buggy.

Then, HH and I switched places and I let my six-year-old drive me around…

in a gas power vehicle…

 with no guard rails or guide rails…

and we lived.  And I loved it! 

We had a great day hanging out in the tires around the track.

And getting dirty…

Perhaps I ought to reconsider that whole money brains thing?


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