The Blu Apple

Bloggers write about products all of the time.  Some are compensated for it.  Others just want to share the good news about a product they love.   That is the case with the Blu Apple.

This little gizmo absorbs ethylene.  Ethylene, which comes from ripening produce, causes rapid spoilage.  Put one of these things in your fruit or veggie drawer in the fridge and it sucks up the gas, thus helping keep fruits and veggies fresher longer.

I love the Blu Apple.  I saw in the September, 2011 issue of Real Simple Magazine and bought one at Christmas time because we were throwing out tons of fruit or veggies every week.  My kids love fruit, but we are not always exact with which kinds of fruit they want on which days.  We might have a run on pears or apples or bananas, leaving  the grapes or oranges to go bad.  And when you are spending $1.99 or more per pound, it adds up.

Now we are able to go through nearly 100% of what is in the drawer before it goes bad.  I figure that the $12 I spent on the Blu Apple paid for itself in a couple of weeks.

Love it!

(I was in no way compensated for this post.  I just think this is a cool product.)


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