Is this what they mean when they say “H*ll or high-water…?”

As I wrote to the invited guests for tomorrow’s birthday party, “Yes, it happens.  Appliances die.  BUT they do not die when it is convenient.”

Our fridge died today, leaving a flood of water, a ton of thawed food and icky, wet carpets for us to deal with as well as a new refrigerator to buy.

It is not that we did not need a new one. We do. Ours is at least 20 years old and very ugly.  But, we are having people over tomorrow for Splash and Turtle’s 4th birthday party and HH had gone to the store for party food and birthday ice cream last night.  With the untimely death of the old one, we lost most of the food.

Oh well. The party must go on!

The menu has changed.  We are going to enjoy pizza, birthday cake (no ice cream) and drinks, which can be put in a cooler.  The party games may be a little light as we are going to be cleaning out the fridge  and ripping out wet carpet (thank goodness the carpet was on the way out anyhow) tonight instead of “crafting”.

The boys are so excited to have a party and come hell or literally high water, we are going to have a party.  The way I see it, we will have an audience for the delivery of the new fridge during the party!!  Talk about entertaining your guests!

Hope your weekend is both more and less exciting than ours.

See you all later!!


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