I got my motor running…several times today.

Today, I used my juicer for the first time since I brought it home (courtesy of this website and for a change, it is not Pinterest)

Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus Juicer

And I made homemade apple juice.  (The boys liked the taste, but missed the “real apple juice” color.  Nevermind that this was made from real apples!)

Then, I used my blender…

and I made smoothies. (This is actually not my blender, but mine is old and the same brand…and sitting in the sink to be washed.)

And, then finally, I used my food processor…twice.

buying a food processor

We are having homemade latkes and pear “applesauce” for dinner.  (However, the recipes I did find on Pinterest.)

All three kitchen appliances got used more today than in most of 2011.

Also, I wielded one of these.

so that I could cut the old mailbox post into smaller pieces.  The mailbox project was months ago (October, 2011) and the rotting post has been sitting on the side of the house for a LONG time.

And I never did post how that project ended.  I wrote about it here, but this is the finished project.

This was actually a very gratifying project.  It was done in one weekend.  I painted the numbers by hand.  Best of all, I did not have to redo them – first time was a charm.

Back to the old post that I chopped up today.

For my power tool finale, I took out this little guy…

And I chopped down some trees.  (No “during” pictures here either.  Trust me, it was not pretty.)  We have several weed trees infiltrating the corners of the yard.  Now they are weed stumps.  (You can also see that Turtle got a haircut today.  Notice the before in the smoothie picture?)

That makes five power-operated machines in one day.  I guess I had my own personal (pint-size) power trip today.

Hope your days was as electrifying as mine.

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