Shutterfly and custom cards

I am a huge fan of Shutterfly*.  I love that I can store all of our photos on one place, share them with friends and family on a private photo sharing website, edit them, print them, make family photos books (or calendars or coffee mugs) and get all of our photos burned onto CD.  (I buy an annual CD and keep it in our safety deposit box in the event that Shutterfly ever goes away.)

And now I am a fan of their custom card service.

I made this card for my dad’s birthday.  The card was easy to make – I added my photos right from the site, customized the fonts and created the layout the way I wanted it.

However, the best part?  When I paid for the card, I could choose that it be mailed right to my dad.  I did not have to have it shipped home and then mail it out again!

Yay for Shutterfly!

5×7 Folded Card

*They are not paying me to say that. I really do just like them a whole lot.


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