Sage or Rosemary? Cilantro or Parsley?

Ah, March.  How excited I am to see you, you lovely month, you!

I am also excited to be planting yet another garden at Chez Boss Lady.  This year’s effort will hopefully flourish and produce a bounty of veggies and herbs for the family.  We have not had stellar results thus far, but since we are in our third year of lessons about planting in the spring, I have learned a good bit about what not to do.

For instance:

  • Do not grow anything on the west side of the house.  There is not enough light.
  • Do not grow anything right behind the house. There are too many kids playing too close.
  • Do not plant seedlings too close together.  Give plenty of room for creeping veggies to creep and all plants to grow.  When you think you have planted far enough apart, go another 6 inches.
  • Do not use those little plastic markers to identify your seeds.  They do not work…at least not for your family.

That last lesson we picked up last year when our kids promptly removed several of the markers right after we planted.  The ones that were left got trampled by little feet, right along with the plants themselves.

However, Martha Stewart has come to the rescue in the plant identifying department.  This helpful hint was in the April, 2011 issue of Living.  (You would think I would have used the idea last Spring, but no.)

So what is this amazing idea?  Whittle some of the bark off the ends of several small branches.  (If you don’t have a knife to whittle with, then use a vegetable peeler.  It should also do the trick.)

When you get to a flat surface, grab your handy-dandy Sharpie and write the name of the plant.  Insert it deep into the ground.  Done.

Bloggers everywhere wrote about it like these here and here and even a Pinterest mention here and why shouldn’t they!?  The idea is free (assuming you can find twigs) and organic and takes all of about 5 minutes.

Perhaps this year, we will both know what we tried to grow and grow it well.



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