“Blog Love” series

There are a number of blogs on my ‘My favorites’ page, but plenty more that are not.  I have gone back and forth about whether to list them all, but I find that when there are dozens or even hundreds of blogs on someone’s blog roll or favorites page, I am overwhelmed.

On my Google Reader, I am currently following 133 blogs.  It might be hard to believe, but I read all of these blogs regularly.   (I recently went through and cleaned up the list, eliminating both blogs that have gone dormant and ones that no longer hold much appeal.  My Reader had close to 300 blogs at one point.)  These blogs are all awesome in their own way – some are friends of mine who are great writers and have great stories, others are wonderfully funny, some have great photos, others still have great craft, cooking, and DIY ideas.   Some of the blogs on my reader are well-known.  Pioneer Woman has nearly 65,000 Google subscribers.  Young House Love has 43,000+ Google subscribers.   (You can get more robust web traffic data here.)  Others are smaller in web reach, but every bit as enjoyable.

In every case, there is a reason I “tune-in.”  I want to share these great reads with you in this “Blog Love” series.

But first…a helpful hint.  The Google reader, for which I have already given much praise, is the best way to follow multiple blogs.  If you do not have a Gmail account and you love reading blogs, zip over to Google  now and get an account.  It will change your life.

So today, I give you hookedonhouses.net as the first in my “Blog Love” series.

This blog is written by Julia from Ohio.  She legitimizes the voyeur in all of us by giving us a view inside a wide array of other people’s homes.  Hooked on Houses features several different kinds of homes – celebrity houses, high-end houses for sale, famous houses (like those from TV shows and movies) and my favorite…weird MLS photos from real houses for sale.

If you have a few minutes hours, spend some time at Hooked on Houses (click this link) and see what bazaar, scary and just plain creepy things people do when they are taking pictures to sell their house.

"Don't mind me, Mr. Realtor."
green house-2
I am all for going green, but come on!!

(Photos obviously from Hooked on Houses.)

This blog is always good for drool, Pinterest-worthy house photos, pop-culture tidbits or a good laugh.  I hope you check it out and enjoy.

And as always, thanks for reading my blog.



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