If I call them fingers, they will eat them.

For the most part, my kids are fundamentally opposed to any food that is not one of the following:

  • hot dogs
  • apples
  • pizza
  • cucumbers
  • peanut butter
  • chicken (only chicken fingers or plain.  In fact, even grill marks will “ruin” a chicken )
  • green beans (only canned)
  • lettuce
  • berries
  • corn
  • shrimp (only cold)
  • pears
  • oatmeal
  • cantaloupe
  • pasta
  • of course, all candy (except Turtle does not like licorice ), cookies and cakes.

That just about covers it.  There are a few exceptions (Splash can eat a basket of cherry tomatoes in one sitting and Vader has a thing for applesauce), but I serve at least half of this list each and every day, regardless of what HH and I are eating.

Tonight, I wanted to try a recipe from Pinterest for homemade Shake and Bake.  Never mind that all over this country, children clamour for Shake and Bake Night.  Nope…not my kids.

If I want to do anything to chicken that involves a sauce, a marinade, a casserole or the slow cooker, I might as well serve them liver and onions.  They won’t touch tainted chicken and apparently Shake and Bake falls into this category.  They like it “restaurant kid’s mealified” or just plain ‘ol chicken cooked naked on the George Foreman grill, removed before the grill leaves any marks on the outside.

Tonight, I took a new approach.  I cut the chicken into strips and called them fingers and did my darndest to make them look like Millers Ale House’s finest kid’s meal.

And you know what Splash said?

“Wow!  This tastes like chicken?!”

Why, yes son.  Yes it does.

Thanks for reading!



  1. Too funny! Malana sounds like she would fit in at your house. She lives on mac n’ cheese, chicken fingers, candy and shrimp that has to be cold…LOL

  2. My kids are so picky! My oldest is branching out a little bit, but my four-year-old lives off peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, macaroni and cheese (from a can!), and cheeseburgers. Sometimes, I can get him to try new things if I promise he can put ketchup on it. Loved this!

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