Potty talk…it is just ducky. (Warning – this is a poopy post.)

Monday night, while driving home from dinner at The Loop, the boys had a 10 minute non-stop chat about poop.  Not just any poop, but duck poop.

You might remember this post from last June, when I recounted Vader and Turtle’s encounter with the gross goop.  What is that expression?

“One day, you’ll laugh about this sort of thing.”

That day has not come yet.

I still think back on it and cringe.

Had it not been for our close encounter with duck poop on that VERY stressful occasion last June, I may have been more enthusiastic about the somewhat scientific conversation the boys were having.

Their questions flew around the car.

“Moooom?  Is duck poop always green?”

“Is it ever any other color?”

“How come ducks don’t poop in the potty?”

“Do ducks ever poop while they are in a pond?

“Does the poop float or does it go to the bottom of the pond?”

“Does anyone have to clean up the duck poop like people clean up after dogs when they poop?”

And then, the conversation shifted to the ongoing debate of when we will ever get a dog and Vader explaining to his brothers that unless they are willing to handle poop, they are not ready to have a dog.

And the car got very quiet.

I took quick look back in the rear-view mirror.  I could tell by the expressions on Splash and Turtle’s faces that they were very conflicted about this new information.

A full minute went by before Turtle offered the opening line of questioning that took us the rest of the way home.

“Well, what color is the dog poop?

As if that mattered…to anyone…except my boys.

Thanks for reading!


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