It’s (flag) football season!

I am not sure why, but our local community association opted to have its flag football season in the Spring.

Not that I am complaining.  Vader tried a true Spring sport, tee ball, last year and it was a bust. After 60 seconds on the bench waiting dutifully for his turn, he wanted to get up and go.  That may be because of his diagnosis, but I have heard from many other moms and dads that tee ball is hard for most kids.  There is a lot of waiting around.

So when we heard about flag football, we jumped at the chance to give it a try…for Vader.

And Splash, if you can believe that.

Having just turned 4, I was confident that there was no way that this league would have any options for him.

I was wrong.

HH and I signed the two of them up and we all went to the skills assessment two weeks ago.  (You should see what 4 year olds do when they are asked to “run a route.”  It was very funny.)

The league then placed our kids on balanced teams.

Splash’s team had several 5 year olds to compensate for the younger kiddos.

Vader’s team was the same with 6 and 7 year olds.

And finally…after three “practices”, this past weekend, we had our first game.

Vader is blessed with athletic gifts.  We saw it early on when we was hitting overhanded pitches on his first turn at bat at tee ball.  Same thing with his three seasons of soccer – that kid can dribble the soccer ball up the field fast.  If he did not score at least two goals in a game, we was very upset with himself.

With football, we did not know what to expect…

Well, we should have.

Vader scored the only points for his team in the game – two touchdowns and a point after, giving them a total of 14 points.  (They lost anyway.  The other team scored 24 points.)  He loved it.  He was strutting around, clamoring to get on the field for every play.  He could not wait to call his Mimi, Papa and Granpa to tell them all about it.

As for Splash, I have no idea who won or lost, because I was too busy trying to keep him on the field.

After the coin toss and hand shake (which was my favorite part of the game…Splash tried to hug the other team’s players)…

Splash had to go to the potty.

When he learned half way through the first quarter that the bathrooms at the stadium were air-conditioned, he decided it was not necessary to go back out onto the field.  It took a gentle reminder that there would be popsicles at half-time to get him to come out.

Splash did have one 20 yard run, his only carry of the game.  I think he enjoyed that part, but I was watching Vader so I did not get to see it.  (HH and I took turns entertaining Turtle, who did not want to sign up for football, and traded off watching both games.)

The season runs through the first week of June and I am actually looking forward it.

I just need to make sure that we have Popsicles.

Thanks for reading…



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