It’s unreliable and filled with chaos, but I want more.


For most of us, except the most organized and zen, there is never enough of it.

Pretty standard these days for us to want more time.

I want time to invest in the most important people in my life like my husband and my children and my family at large…but also because…

I want to learn to cook well and learn to grow a garden where I have veggies and fruits and herbs and then compost the clippings and other yard waste to use in the garden and nearby, I want to raise a few chickens and gather up their eggs for breakfast each morning and I want to build the chickens a coop and then after I build their coop, I want to perhaps make furniture like my friend here and take beautiful photos of what I build and more photos of my kids and my city and well.. photos of everything and everyone and then time to edit those photos and share them with friends and loved ones and then I want to improve upon my learn to speak Spanish and perhaps a few words of Bosnian so that I can talk to the custodial ladies in my building who are always so nice to me and then perhaps learn a computer coding language so that I get my company off the ground quicker and be a huge start-up success and then a write a book about it and then have more time to invest in the organizations I love like here and here and here and here  and time to be a better sustaining member here and have time to try the skin care products from my friend’s new business and to see and support other friends and their new ventures and then I want to finish the kitchen remodel we started last March by learning how to lay down the floors myself and install the backsplash and when that is done, more time to start renovating the boy’s room with cool new bunk beds and to finally use the items I have been collecting for the space theme which will go great with the chalkboard wall I want time to paint and after that, time to rip out the busted up concrete driveway and put down brick pavers in a herringbone pattern and install the new doors on the back of the house and then put another paver patio down behind the doors where I can sit and read this book and then make myself a tasty adult beverage while I listen to the new Nora Jones album that I want to download to my iPod which is still sitting new in the box because I do not know how to use it and afterward, time to take a walk and reflect on it all.

But all of that takes time.  And I just used the last time I had today writing.

Oh well.  As far as I know, there will be more time tomorrow.

This was time well spent.

Thanks for reading. And spending a little time with me.



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