Manneqin Pis or when feel better about yourself b/c someone else’s kids are worse than yours.

IMAG0094, a photo by DaBossLadyBlog on Flickr.IMAG0094 by DaBossLadyBlog

The Jacksonville beaches “opened” yesterday.  I took the boys to enjoy some fun in the sun.

For a few hours, my kids were frolicking on the sand, making friends with everyone and keeping me on the my toes.  Just before lunch, I noticed a blur of white skin zipping behind me out of the corner of my eye toward the water.  This blur was wearing a dark blue suit and a cap, was about 4 years old and had shaggy brown hair.

And he stopped short about 20 ft. from the water’s edge right on a brightly colored collection of beach towels.

But for once….he was not one of mine.

His mother was shrieking as she darted down the beach, weaving in and out of the people blocking her way, her childless friends shrieking with laughter under the pop up tent as she tried to reach him/stop him/yank his shorts back up.

And I sat, quietly sympathetic, but truthfully enjoying the moment, realizing all too quickly that any satisfaction I took in this woman’s predicament would likely be erased before the day was done.

And it was…

This is how HH demonstrated the wrong way to kill a bug.

Oh well.  It was nice while it lasted.

Have a great week.



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