A gift

Last night, HH surprised the boys with a gift.  He took them up to his dad’s place to have a sleep-over and take them on their very first fishing trip on Grandpa’s boat. They were all so excited.

Turtle wanted to pack his entire bed: blankets, pillows and stuffed animal friends.

Splash needed none of those things because, well…he is Splash.  The thoughts of open water beckoned to him and he just needed to go…now.

Vader wanted to take the camera that his Papa gave him at Thanksgiving.  He wanted to make sure he had photos of this momentous occasion.

HH had all of the stuff ready to go: fishing poles, sunscreen, packets of oatmeal for breakfast and peanut butter ‘n crackers for snacks.

And then they all loaded up and backed out of the drive in the mini-van.

Do you know what that meant?

I got a gift too. For the first time in nearly 7 years, I had the whole house to myself.

For eighteen hours.

Holy cow.

I am taking a few precious minutes of this respite to blog because I do not want to forget the silence.  The wonderful silence.  I could not imagine it being this way all of the time, but it is so very nice now.  It is cliché, but I can hear the birds chirping and the refridgerator quietly humming and the occasional kid playing down the street and more importantly, I can hear myself think.

I may not have used this time the way others would.

I did laundry.

I put in a load of dirty dishes into the dishwasher.

I cleaned out my dresser drawers.

I cleaned out the boy’s drawers.

I went through 3 stacks of paper and recycled, shredded and uploaded things to Evernote and Pinterest.

I read four chapters of a book.

I slept in.

I took a shower.  A long shower.

I made tea and a grilled cheese sandwich.  Just one sandwich.

I am about to run errands. This afternoon, I plan on working on my business for 5 or 6 hours.

And by then, the boys will be home.

Life will go back to normal. Normal and good.

But gosh, this was a nice gift.

Thanks, HH.




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