Today, we celebrated Vader’s seventh birthday.  It was our first all boy party and it was all boy.

All boy.

Turtle’s tough face (with Splash in the background).

Eight of Vader’s cub scout and school buddies joined us for a Karate Party at the Karate America up the road from our house.

The instructor and his business partner are the reason this party was awesome. (And they are consistent.  This was the 3rd party we have attended and every time, it is amazing.)  Master Ekholm has these boys following directions, listening, learning and laughing all at the same time.  He talks about self-control, discipline, respect and honor.  Ms. Bonavota manages all of the other details.  I just smile and take pictures.

Using the party favor head sash as a prop.

They run the boys, break boards, play dodge ball and make jokes.

King of the Karate Place.

After pizza, cake and karate, the boys all sit down and actually pay attention to the gift opening.  Each giver is applauded for his generosity and the receiver is actually aware of who gave what.

It was Vader’s favorite party and all I had to do was assemble the goody bags.  The boys and I did that last night after I got home from DC so even that was a fun activity.

I was planning on baking a cake, but I ended up buying one.  Even though I had an idea about what I wanted to make, I had nightmares about the green penis cake from the Star Wars Party of 2010. (It was supposed to be a light saber.)

The store bought cake was chocolate with chocolate icing from Costco and we stuck a ninja action figure in it.  He loved it.

And now, we are back home, enjoying the quiet as the boys punch their punch balls and Vader revels in his new toys.

So I agree.




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  1. Awesome post Miss Jennifer! I am a huge fan of the martial arts and the lessons and skills they promote and teach. It sounds like our Birthday Boy and his friends had a great time. I’m so happy to see that Karate parties are available – what a fabulous idea!!

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