Brother’s Three Lemonade

Yesterday, we loaded up the wagon with the lemonade stand, 4 1/2  gallons of made-from-scratch (by someone else) lemonade, cups, change, signs, chairs and an umbrella and headed for the end of our street to sell some lemonade.

It was a balmy 94 degrees in Jacksonville, and we thought we’d do well with the post-church crowd and the sweaty walkers, runners and bike riders who exercise along the main road to our neighborhood.

I will start with the end-results first.

The boys made $32.25 from 8 very generous customers who all tipped or bought multiple cups of lemonade.  (We also had a cooler with popsicles priced at 2 for a $1.00.) Each of the boys were able to keep $8.00 of their take and the rest will be donated to the charity of their choice.  (They are in negotiation about which one to give to.  Vader wants to help animals, Turtle wants to give lemonade to thirsty people and Splash wants to let homeless people stay in his room.  I don’t think Splash really gets the donation thing yet.)

However, in true Chez Boss Lady fashion, this lemonade stand was not without challenges. The first and biggest hiccup: Turtle knocked over the whole container of lemonade before we had even unloaded the wagon.  I was so surprised I could not even get angry. He said he wanted to get a cup and instead, he tipped the container backwards and it flipped end-over-end out of the wagon.  Soooo…I called HH and asked him to bring the last gallon out from the fridge.   HH then quickly ran up to Publix and got two more gallons.

However, that was not the only thing that stressed me out.

For starters, the boy’s kept lurching toward passing traffic to scream “Lemonade for sale!!!  Only $50!”

It was $.50 per cup and I kept telling them that the people in the cars could not hear them.

And then they’d do it again.

Then there were the sticky little fingers that kept finding their way into the cups of lemonade as they were being served to customers.


Or how about when my over excited little businessmen kept pushing each other, fighting over whose turn it was to fill the next cup.

Or last, the fact that all but two of the popsicles were broken because one of the boys stood on top of the soft sided cooler.  (Actually, they all could be responsible because the other two each sat on the cooler at one point.  It was the standing part though that sent me over the edge.)

In my mind, I was picturing this…

Source: e-how

But we do lemonade stands like this.

And while these guys are not always sweet,

they are mine and I would not trade them in for anything.

Hope you have a sweet week.

~ Jennifer

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