Pinterest Project: I made guacamole!

With my Pinterest addiction pins and boards, I have found myself inspired to try to do new things.  While most of my pins are DIY, craft and carpentry projects, I have also been pinning a ton of southwestern food and beverages on my Food/Recipes and Tasty adult beverages boards:  a variety of margaritas, burritos, bean dips and of course, guacamole.

I did not always like guacamole, but about a year ago, I had a change of heart.  In fact, not only do I like guacamole now, but I love it.  I “lick it off the bottom of the bowl” love it.

Until the other day, I was relying on the most amazing guacamole which can be found at Costco in party size packs to quench my new-found hunger for finger-licking guacamole.

Then on a recent trip to the grocery store, I saw a heap of round, shiny avocados and decided what the heck…let’s make some guac.

This is the guacamole recipe I pinned on my board.  It is from Cleverly Inspired, a terrific blog with all kinds of great stuff from recipes to decor projects to DIY home improvement stuff.

It calls for chopped onions,

fresh cilantro,

sautéed garlic and a jalapeño pepper or two, (this one is fresh from my garden!)

salt, pepper and lime juice.

I whipped it up in less than 15 minutes.


Or should I say, “Ole!”

Thanks for reading.

~ Jennifer


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