One month

I am up at 1:00 am, tossing and turning about the next 30 days.

In the next 30 days, we’ll know who Vader’s 2nd grade teacher is.

  • Is it a he or a she?
  • Will they understand how to teach and manage Vader?
  • Will Vader like them?
  • Will he have a great start to the year, the first time in 3 years he is not starting in a new school?

In the next 30 days, Splash and Turtle will start VPK.

  • Will they adjust well to being split up for the first time in their lives?
  • Will they like the new routine?  (We are pulling them out of full-time care and opting for a half day program, Monday though Friday.)
  • Will we?
  • Will the new school be as great as their current school?

In the next 30 days, we may have a new nanny managing our boys for half of their days.  (We have made an offer to a great lady who has been with the same family for 6 years in another community in Florida and is planning to move to Jacksonville in September.)

  • Will she move here as planned?
  • Will she like working with us?
  • Will she turn out to be as great as we’d hoped?
  • Will the boys like her?
  • Will the schedule be as awesome in reality as it is in my head?

In the next 30 days, HH may have a new job.

  • Will it be the contract one for one month or the long-term one?
  • When will we know?
  • Whichever one it is, will he like it?
  • What happens if they both fall through?  Will we still hire the nanny?

In the next 30 days,  I have a laundry list of professional milestones to reach.

  • Will the 100 person volunteer event I am planning go as planned?  Will it rain?  (The event is mostly out-of-doors.)
  • Will I be traveling to the RNC in Tampa or staying put here in Jacksonville?
  • Will the “fast pitch” presentation I am planning for my IT start up be a hit or a dud?
  • Will we have a prototype to start testing with bloggers?
  • What will my Rodan + Fields business look like?

In the next 30 days, I will be dealing with things that are completely our of my control, but totally on my mind.

  • Will my dad’s physical health stay strong?  My dad recently found out he has a chronic illness with no cure.  The only hope is for a very slow progression.
  • Will my mom’s mental health stay strong too?
  • Will my father-in-law’s trip to the other side of the continent go well?  He was very ill last year and this is a BIG trip for him.
  • Will my sister’s new school year start off well?  So much has happened with the funding and management of our school district that I worry about all of my friends and most especially my family who work in public education.

All of these things are likely to go well, but this much potential change and transition is a lot for my brain to handle and to process.  So, the best thing to do is switch on the light, write for a few minutes and unload some thoughts here with you.

Thanks for reading…and listening.




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