Sunday, Monday, every day is fun day.

I have flirted with a separate post on each of the photos below, but I have a ton of work to do tonight.  So instead, for your viewing pleasure, a selection of photos from this past weekend that really need very little explanation.

Turtle – plotting who knows what.

And Turtle again – semi-naked pumpkin carving.

And Splash – This is not finger paint and I do not know where it came from.  I went to the potty and when I came back, he was gilded.

This is my family’s reunion photo from the weekend.  Don’t we look nice?  

Well…most of us.

I thought that was bad.

And then I saw Vader.

Scroll back up and look at HH.  Based on the two faces of our children, he looks somewhat normal.  🙂 (Sorry, honey.)

And finally, this is what happens when I saw, “Yes, we can walk down to the end of the dock.”

It took all of 3 additional seconds after taking this photo for one child to get a splinter the size of a pencil in the hand he was skimming along the weathered banister and then shortly thereafter, the other slammed his thumb in the door.

So that is a recap of the last 48-72 hours.

How was your weekend?


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