Knots, vows.

Every time I think about tomorrow, my stomach is in knots.  This election day has wreaked havoc on my nervous system.

I feel confident that no candidate will go quietly into the night upon hearing the preliminary results.  And I am also concerned, that even if a victor is proclaimed, that the nation is so divided and so different in their belief about what is right, that we won’t be able to move forward, regardless of who wins.

So tonight, on the eve of what is likely to be a very close race, I vow this:

  • To support my newly elected or re-elected President.
  • To re-learn and remember the reasons why the people who voted for him did so, especially if I did not vote for him, and to remember why those who did not vote for him chose not to, regardless of the outcome.
  • To admire the other guy for standing up for what he believed in and for putting himself and his family through hell on earth to share it with other people.
  • And finally, to quietly admire our great system, one that generates passion (and phone calls), enthusiasm (and robo-dials), and respect (and direct mail) from the four corners of the earth.

To Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, and the hundreds of men and women who offered themselves up to us to serve as a public servant in this and every election cycle, thank you.

And good luck tomorrow.


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