Thursday, March 21, 2013


I’m still here.

Things are busy here.  I am sure they are busy for you too.  We are all busy.

The boys are good.  The boys are leaning on “great” actually.  We are seeing improvements every day in Vader, Splash and Turtle.  Less crazy, more cooperation.  Less pushing and shoving.  More sharing and loving.

Work is good.  I am planning lots of fun stuff for the spring and may have gotten a HUGE initiative that I developed with Junior Achievement blessed by both my internal team and the school district to help 9th graders become more financially literate.

The house is showing signs of “good” too.  A new cabinet is up in the kitchen.  I got a deal on laminate floors and when we have a spare day, we’ll rip out the paint/marker/food/etc-stained carpet and put something more durable in the boys’ rooms.  And the piles of stuff are disappearing, as trash bags of out-grown clothes, toys and copious amounts of crap stuff is moved out our house to places where it will be appreciated, used and hopefully passed onto to others.

My outside activities are all good.  R+F is booming and Mystical Basket is set to launch any day now.  In both businesses, my colleagues and partners make it a joy to “work” outside of my regular job.

So, that’s the update. That’s the busy.

I may not be back for a while.  Or I may be back tomorrow.  This was cathartic.

Happy Friday to you.


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