The end of the school year is here. Already?

It is May and the end of the school year is fast approaching.  Vader will finish 2nd grade this year and we are trying to determine whether he should move on to 3rd grade or stick around for 2nd grade 2.0.  That is a whole other blog post.

In addition, Splash and Turtle are finishing VPK in two weeks.  And yes, that is early.  In fact, it is 3 weeks before Vader which creates a small child care problem.  We’ll figure it out.  We always do.

So with summer fast approaching, we are starting to get excited about lazy pool days, beach trips, barbecues and parties.

And work.  But not the bad kind.

This is good work.

If you are not friends with me on Facebook, you may not know that my little start up company, the one that blossomed out of my win at last year’s Start Up weekend, launched its website on March 31.

Yes, MystiKit is live.

I am going to be blogging for MystiKit to promote not only the amazing kits that bloggers are already creating to help people (like me) get projects done, but also to share other Pinterest related things – project successes, project fails, tips and tools.

As soon as that blog gets up and running, I will share it with you here.

In the meantime, I want to share a few MystiKits that I built on the platform.

MystiKits are a way for people to batch items in a pre-populated shopping cart.  If a blogger creates a MystiKit, her (or his) readers can buy knowing that they have all of the items they need (and in sufficient quantities) to do the project that the blogger created.  And the best part?  She/he already found everything and put it there for you to buy – no searching, no guessing, no endless clicking and adding on two or three or ten websites…  No driving to Joann’s only to find that you cannot find what you need…and then you are off to Michaels or Hobby Lobby.  Nope.

MystiKits are convenient.

And correct.

And quick.

Since my personal DIY project activity has suffered recently, I created two kits for non-project use.  (We don’t discriminate.  You can use MystiKit for anything!)

  • A MystiKit for a book themed baby shower – I have a friend who is having one next month.  Someone else might find this kit useful for a shower they’ve been invited to.

  • A lunch box MystiKit – this one is for me.  Unlike during the school year when I am only making lunch for one kid, I will be making lunches all summer for all three kids.  This kit is most of the non-perishable stuff I will be buying each month for the boys.  Even if no one else finds this useful, I will not have to go back and find this stuff again. Yay!

If you want to try your hand at creating a MystiKit, just email me or register on the MystiKit website on the “Become a Kitter” page.

We are in Beta testing mode, but we are extending invitations to new kitters every day!

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