Times two.

Dear readers and friends,

I am double-blogging.

While this blog has been on hiatus for the most part in 2014, I am now actively blogging on the site for the new Sudbury School of Jacksonville.

Posting there has revived my love for blogging in general and I am guessing that I will try to post on both sites in 2015.

When the posts are about my kids and the potential changes we are trying to make about their education, I will try to post over there.  If you are interested in learn more about this kind of school, which is a complete 180 degrees from traditional educational methodology, here is the most recent post from the other blog.  It is about Minecraft and the role of video games and other “time wasters” in education.  There are another 10 or so posts over the past 3 months as well.

Have a happy holiday season and see you in 2015!



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