Insomnia is a tell-tale sign

I barely slept for the last two nights.

In between sending messages to my clients and business partners for my skin-care business, I read. I pinned.  I planned.  I tried to go to bed, but that didn’t work.

So then I read some more.  And pinned more.  I planned some more.  I need sleep, but my brain disagrees.

I learned about “boon-docking” and the websites that allow you to do that with other RV enthusiasts.

I read about converting old school buses into RVs.  And that those are called “Skoolies”. And you can convert coaches and city buses too.

I followed families on Facebook and Twitter who either completed journeys long ago and wrote books about it, or who are on the road now.

I thought about sleeping patterns, and how we’d get a space that everyone felt accommodated their needs (and did not force anyone to sleep next to Turtle, for fear of injury.)

I already changed the route.

Then I saw this…And then I changed it again.

I drafted a sample budget, determining what we might need to have in pocket, versus income coming (Thanks to Rodan + Fields) while on the road.  I tried to remember fixed expenses that we’d continue to have regardless of the trip like life insurance premiums and FL Prepaid payments.

At about 3:45 am both nights, I went upstairs, but only because I forgot to bring down the charger for my laptop and the battery was gone.

And then, I lay in bed and willed myself to sleep, albeit with visions of boys stomping through wooded national parks, starting wide-eyed at national monuments and playing with friends and family who live near and far across this great land.


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