Holding. (Day 7)

I would consider not gaining weight in the last two days a victory and because of that, I will consider losing 1 lb. a miracle.  I know that slow and steady wins the race, so I will go slow.  I will go steady.

I will avoid temptation and eating like a normal person should.  I will have a protein rich breakfast.  I will move during the day.  I will make sure I have 250 steps each hour, thanks to my gizmo.  Even better, I will take the stairs.  I will not get a mid-afternoon pick-me-up snack.  I will choose fruit.  I will choose water.  I will choose better.

And tomorrow, I will try again to do even better than that.


About dabosslady

Da boss, wife, mom, lobbyist, wanna-be cook, crafter, wood-worker, photographer, gardener, avid reader, occasional insomniac.
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