Day 9 is fine.

I am not sure if I am technically losing weight, but my clothes do not feel any looser.  In fact, I feel bigger than I did a week ago. But, there are victories in making better choices even if it doesn’t feel better.  My heart is happier.  My liver is happier. Eventually, my waistline will catch up.  I could proudly report that I:

  • Got grilled chicken instead of fried chicken to top my salad at lunch.
  • Skipped the croutons and the creamy dressing all together.
  • Did not have the last Krispy Kreme doughnut which sat outside my office door…all…day…long.  (This was HARD.)

I also had my first Juice plus shakes over the last two days.  I used our trusty Ninja (which by the way is totally worth the hype) to blend yesterday’s vanilla powder with skim milk and ice.  It tasted like cake batter and not in a good way. It was not what I wanted for breakfast when I am used to scrambled eggs and bacon.


And then I had an epiphany.  My eating falls apart most days after 4 pm.  I am HANGRY, tired and want all of the (junk food) things.  So, instead of making the shake my choice at breakfast, why not try a shake for dinner instead?

Today, I went back to real food for breakfast.  I had a salad for lunch and a couple of fruit leathers for a snack.  (I get these at Publix in the Greenwise section, but Amazon sells them too and they are cheaper in bulk.)  Then for dinner, while I was cooking up cheeseburgers and tater tots for the boys (they also get veggies and fruit), I went with the shake instead.  This seems so obvious now!  I was able to avoid arguement with myself about whether I have a burger too, and do I have it with a bun, or cheese or catsup…  This was SO much easier.

As for the taste, I doctored it up with a frozen banana and used water instead of milk and it tasted way better.  And now, at 6:30 pm, I am full and able to safely avoid having to make any choices for the rest of the night.

This could work.

I will weigh in again tomorrow.  Maybe I will be surprised, but even if the number is the same, at least I now feel like I have a game plan.

Onward to the closet!

Thanks for reading.




About dabosslady

Da boss, wife, mom, lobbyist, wanna-be cook, crafter, wood-worker, photographer, gardener, avid reader, occasional insomniac.
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3 Responses to Day 9 is fine.

  1. AnxietyGirl1991 says:

    It’s awesome that you stuck to the plan. Something I seem to be having alot of trouble with lately lol

    • dabosslady says:

      We will see. Next week, I have 5 night time events for the holidays. I would be more motivated if, by then, I can actually get excited about what I will be wearing!! 😉

  2. AnxietyGirl1991 says:

    Good Luck 🙂

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