Change is comin’

I have an ear worm in my brain.  I keep hearing the John Cougar song “Jack and Diane”, and not the whole thing…just the bridge in the middle.  You know that line, “Holdin’ on to 16 as long as you can, change is comin’ ’round real soon, make us women and men.” Over and over again, all day long.

As a kid, I had it on a single LP and I played it on repeat in my room day after day.  And partly, because of that song, I used to dread getting older.  Nothing could be worse, I thought, than being a woman.  All that work.  All that responsibility.  All that change.

Who would want that?

Years later, I remember the hearing it play on the radio and thinking that life was over because I was on the other side of the lyric.   I was now 18 or 19…

I had to grow up.


If I try to draw any parallels to “change” coming in 2017, they fail.  I mean, really.  We had plenty of change in 2016.  And in 2015.  And plenty more even before that.  Every year of my “adult” life has been laughably riddled with change – my kids get older, cooler, crazier.  My marriage morphs into something new, with memories in the rear view that are (mostly) good.  And don’t even get me started on my body.

I know that the year ahead will bring even more change. We are going to have to decide where to live after our year of resort living ends.  We want to travel and expose our kids to new places, new people, new cultures and new food.   My Meetjax project will change into something new. We want to get a handle on our finances.  We want to grow our Rodan + Fields business.  I’d really like to get my body back.

Heck, even this new year’s eve is going to be a big change for me and my tribe.  (For the first time since I have been married, I will be spending new years at home with HH, instead of spending it with him at a concert, or alone with the kiddos because I gave him a nudge and a ticket to go on without me.)

It all feels very grown up.

And that is good.

For me, the year ahead is filled with wide open possibility. I know that when it is behind me, things will look very differently than they do now.

Change is coming.

I am holdin’ on, but not to the past.

I am holdin’ on, ready for another year, ready to embrace the change.

Bring on 2017!

Wishing you a very safe and joyous new year’s eve celebration and all the best for your best year yet.

Thanks for reading,







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