Tour time!

Happy Friday, all!

I am so excited to finally take you on a walk through of Dorothy!

When you come in the front door, you step into the front addition that was being used as a reception area for the FVC.  The original front door was removed so there is a large opening where the front of the house would have been 100 years ago. There are barred bay windows and a window A/C unit.  

Turnaround from this space and you are in the foyer, where you are greeted with a giant opening with stairs to the second floor. I luuuuuurv this entrance!

In addition to the original hardwoods, which appeared to have been kept in better condition because of a covering of industrial carpet for the last 30 years, the stair case banister has some really neat carvings.   We’ll have to test for lead paint before we do anything, but I am excited to see this beautiful work restored to its original splendor.

Bonus: two handsome fellas!


The main living area is to the right.  I am super excited that there are 10 foot high ceilings in this space!  There is a fireplace, but it is coal burning. Even if we go down the path of restoring it, a coal-burning firebox is too shallow for wood fires, so we’d have to convert it to a gas fireplace.  No plans to do that right now. 

The dining area is to the left of that with a lovely trio of windows. 

 Step to the back of the dining room, and there is bedroom off the dining area.  The new framing was added by the sellers in the last year. 

Behind the staircase is a room that could serve as a bath or closet down the road.  (It was being used as a laundry room when it was the FVC.)  


Next up is the kitchen, where there is significant water damage to the walls and floor, but when we toured the place for the first time, all I was really focused on was the exposed brick!  How cool is that?!?


There is a separate entrance to the back of the house behind the kitchen.  It is not original and only accesses the newest additions that are along the back side of the house. These back rooms could have been an apartment or office, but oddly, there is no evidence of where a bathroom was on the first floor, unless we have the placement of the kitchen wrong…  Anything is possible. 🙂


For the second floor, there are 4 bedrooms, two closets (one on the main hallway and one inside one of the bedrooms) and a bathroom.   A room for every boy and one to spare!  Yay!

The bathroom on this level has similar water damage to the first floor below.  It will need to be shored up and new subfloor will have to be laid down.  


The house also has a significant attic space, but it is unfinished and there are no stairs up to the attic right now so no pics to share there.  

Then, there is the yard.  It is deep.  In the pic below, it goes another 15 feet beyond the fence!

Hope you enjoyed your fist look at our new home.  

As always, thanks for reading!  



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