Dorothy – FAQs


Thanks to everyone who has offered their congratulations and well wishes on this adventure we are taking.  In fact, many folks have shared that they too are considering a move to Springfield, a renovation, or a big change of some kind!  We are buoyed by the enthusiasm to see our progress and would love to have compadres for the journey!

There have also been questions…lots and lots of questions. So here are a few answers for you!

Are you doing the work yourself?

As most of you know, Josh has become quite handy.  He has been running a business doing home improvement projects since late 2015 and he will likely trade in some of the hours he had been working for others to work on Dorothy.  However, in order to do some special financing for the house (more on that in another post), we had to hire a licensed general contractor.  We interviewed several who are skilled in historic homes, and have hired a firm we feel really good about.  (I will also post about the process of interviewing and hiring a GC in a future post. 🙂 )  The GC will handle the big stuff for us, including hiring subcontractors for plumbing, electrical, HVAC, roofing and structural work.

When do you plan to get started?   We are already underway!

As of last week, Josh has already started removing a drop ceiling in the 1960’s portion of the house and is getting ready to repair the pocket doors near the front of the house.

JC getting his hands dirty
I don’t mind that my handsome hubby is getting dirty with Dorothy.

In the meantime, our permit for a new roof is getting filed today (I hope!) We have picked a color for the roof and now I am on the Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore websites every night trying to decide what colors we want to paint Dorothy’s exterior.

Simultaneously, the structural engineering/architecture firm is putting the finishing touches on the drawings/elevations for the front of the house which will be submitted with our permits.  (Cannot wait to show you what’s in store!)

When do you hope to move in?

I am almost afraid to answer this question in writing.

We have been told:

  • Whatever the GC told you, double it.
  • Good luck if you get into it in one year.
  • Ha, ha, ha!!  You want to know when you’ll move?!?

Our hope is to get into the house in the fall – late September/early October would be lovely.   I am an optimist, so I am going with it.

That’s it for now.

As always, thanks for reading.