I am slackin’.  I have not written since Friday and the weekend whizzed by in a blur of Easter grass and poolside beverages (thanks to my CG friend and her hubby.)  I need want to write, but I am not sure when I will have a chance so here is the quick and dirty:

Family:  We had a blast at the pool yesterday.

Food: Made a sausage and egg casserole called the “Night Before Breakfast Casserolethe recipe is awesome, but I over cooked it.  Note to self – take 7 minutes off the recipe if you are taking it with you to a brunch to share.

Marriage:  No date night.  Pizza.  At Costco.  With the kids. Humph.

Friends:  Lot of time with lots of friends. 

Fitness:  Nope.

Order:  We picked up the last of the doors.  They are gorgeous.  I also managed to get one more item listed on Craigslist.

Creativity:  I did pull off the Easter baskets.  The boys all loved their toys, bubbles, candy and what not.  It was not my best work, but it did the trick.

My mom is in town to help with my sister and the new baby.  Hope to see her before work carries me off this week.  On the upside, maybe I will get to put together a few decent blog updates on the road.

Have a great week!


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