Whole30: Through week two

I am finishing up the 14th day of my Whole30 and I am still experiencing extreme junk food cravings.  When I eat grilled chicken with pico and guac, I am fantasizing about sheet cake and ice cream.   I had bacon and brussel sprouts for dinner, but what I really wanted was a giant glass of milk and a stack of Oreo cookies.

However, this time around, I am chanting a Whole30 mantra when these cravings hit.  If you have read the Whole30 guidebook called, “It Starts With Food“, then you know that they spell out the definition of “hard.”

Delivering a baby is hard.

Running a marathon is hard.

Choosing not to stuff you pie hole with processed junk food is not hard.  (Well, not as hard, anyhow.) I keep telling myself that.

This is not hard. Over. And over.  And over.

Highlights for my first two weeks.

Other notables: Days 4-8 were a fog.  I was never so tired as the afternoon of the 8th day.  I actually nodded off in the driver’s seat of my car waiting for one of my kids to finish up at soccer practice.  Now that that stage as passed, I am having crazy dreams and sleeping better.

No “Tiger Blood” yet, but I feel like my clothes fit a bit better.  Would love to step on the scale, but I know that it is not about the scale.

So onward. Viva Whole30!


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